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We are experienced not only in collecting, but also in successful implementation of projects. Effective delivery of every project is not a routine operation, but a considerable and captivating research activity. Launching research we are committed to get at the truth, to discover previously unknown facts that will be useful for collectors` community.








We have delivered many successful projects of different scale ranging from exhibitions arrangements to articles for specialized magazines. We can also be proud of a unique project on life and creative activity of a famous artist and a designer of edged weapon Paul Casberg. If you do not find a project you are interested in, you can suggest your ideas.

11 01 2018

SA Ehrendolch , model 1937 and a full list of awardees

Our team established the list of SA officers who were awarded a unique SA-Führerdolch M1937. All facts of award have documentary evidence. Bonus: Apart from the SA officers who were awarded this unique dagger our team identified all MVSN officers who were also presented this dagger in 1938.

11 01 2018

SA Christmas Dagger, features, varieties and a list of awardees

Our team has just launched a new research project. We intend to establish a list of selected SA officers, who were awarded this honor dagger by Ernst Röhm on Christmas 1933. Except names of individuals we attempt to reveal history of this rare dagger as well as its originality criterion.

11 01 2018

Technische Nothilfe Daggers and Hewers history and variety

A common project of our team with Dave Landers - a famous researcher of TeNo organization. The project represents a detailed description of the dagger for high officers, subordinates` hewer, lanyards, accoutrements and peculiar features and other. The project is in its final stage.

11 01 2018

A list of known numbers of TeNo Daggers and Hewers

A data base of inner numbering of daggers and hewers of this organization that has been compiled for 10 years. The sources of information were price lists of known dealers since 1980, sales on local and international shows and internet platforms.

11 01 2018

Catalogue of DLV55 Dagger manufacturers

We have started compiling of a catalogue of producers of a rare dagger for German Air Sports Association, a predecessor of the Luftwaffe dagger. The catalogue features a complete list of producers and their special aspects. The catalogue will also feature high quality fakes and detailed description of distinctive features.

11 01 2018

SA and SS High Leaders Daggers varieties

A small project that describes SA and SS daggers for high leaders, their special aspects, periods of production including a data base of known numbers. Also in frames of this project we aim to establish names of known officers.

11 01 2018

RAD Hewers, varieties and manufactures

A history of creation and a catalogue of producers of RAD hewers model 1934 and model 1937.

20 10 2015

A list of known numbers of Postschutz Daggers

This project features peculiarities of hallmarked Postschutz Daggers and includes a catalogue of known numbers. All information on inner numbering was researched by our team form open sources. The data base is regularly updated.

20 05 2016

Overview of a rare RAD-Fatman Hewer

The description of a rare RAD hewer in comparison to a standard one. This project is currently under active development in collaboration with Frederick J.Stephen. The description of a rare RAD hewer in comparison to a standard one. This project is currently under active development in collaboration with Frederick J.Stephen.

11 01 2018

Full Röhm SS Dagger belonged to K.Schulz

The story of a dagger that retains full Röhm`s inscription. A bunch of personal documents of the former owner that were obtained from his family members gives an excellent opportunity to retrace the history of the dagger with interesting facts.

05 07 2017

Paul Casberg`s biography and a catalogue of artworks

This is a unique project made by our team. All information and illustrations have been compiled for a long time. This project features not only the most complete for the present moment catalogue of designer`s artworks, but involves research and further sharing of unique archive materials. The website is regularly updated.

01 10 2017

On-line Art shop - RED ART

An on-line shop on sale of art. An on-line market place offering artworks of Soviet period artists. Apart from professional approach to attribution and verification of authenticity of all items the website is enabled with function of handling payments in crypto-currencies. It provides broaden possibilities for business and customers.       


Colleagues, we invite everybody who is interested to take part in our projects. Your participation to any of our projects will be discussed individually. Obviously, your knowledge or items from your collection will be very useful and important for community. We believe that the main aim of any collector is to show knowledge and unique pieces not only to colleagues in the hobby. Therefore,upon receipt of your request we will contact you and discuss all details.

Denis Vasyliev


Collecting has always been a part of my life. Ever since I can remember I've always had a great interest in collecting different objects: stamps, coins, art. For more than for 10 years I have been passionate about researching German edged weapon. For me it is interesting not only to obtain an object but to get to know its own mystery that I have to clue.

Frederick J. Stephens

Collector, Contributing Editor.

The name Frederick J. Stephens is known to every collector of German militaria. His books gave a great boost to the development of the hobby and helped many collectors when this kind of activity had just emerged. We are very grateful that Frederick not only shares his knowledge with us but also has joined our team as a Contributing Editor.

Inna Petrova


I really enjoy my role in this project. It feels like being a detective or an investigator who has to chain facts, ideas in a logical path. I do not deal with well-known facts, my aim is to reveal something hidden form your eyes. It involves extensive research, logical reasoning and brainstorming sessions. Ultimately it is a very rewarding experience. So, I am Lara Croft in front of a monitor, but do not disturb the peace of tombs.

Sergey Bondarenko

Technical Specialist

I am not a collector, but I am fascinated by Den`s enthusiasm and those objects and their history that he shows me. My role is to apply my technical skills to deliver all this information and ensure that the greatest number of people can see it.


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